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First, you need to get used to reading the phrases "Skinner claims", "according to Skinner", "so says Skinner" etc. because most of Skinner's "evidence" boils down to some claim Skinner (or his jailhouse sweetie) passes off as fact.

Fortunately, Skinner likes to talk. A lot. He's given interviews to several news stations and even rebutted the original material on this website.

All the facts on this website are taken directly from the legal documents published on the killer's own website (especially the Evidentiary Hearing Transcripts), news reports, and other claims Skinner has made publicly.

Claim: Skinner Was "Comatose" From Codeine During The Murders

Skinner's main "defense" revolves around Skinner's claim that he was too sick/comatose/stuporous from a "near lethal mixture" of alcohol and codeine to have murdered Twila Busby and her family.

Fact: Skinner Was Only "Comatose" When He Wanted To Be

Skinner's actions the night of his crime tell a different story.

He was up and down, up and down--stuporous-then-lucid, stuporous-then-lucid all night long up until the time he was arrested while hiding from police at his ex-girlfriend's house.

Even his own expert witnesses classified Skinner's behavior as "strange" for someone claiming to be comatose.

But keep reading.

Claim: Severe Allergy to Codeine

Skinner claims he was too loaded with "accidentally ingested" codeine, something to which he has a well-documented history of severe allergy, to commit the murders.

Fact: Skinner Was Never Diagnosed With Any Such Allergy

At his trial, the State presented the testimony of an emergency room doctor who was an expert on allergies.

This doctor testified that Skinner had no allergy to codeine nor had any ever been documented in Skinner's medical records.

But this is Skinner's biggie defense: "I was too 'roided up on codeine to have done anything like that."

So let's assume it's true. Let's just accept that the experts, like everyone in the legal system, were just out to frame him.

Look at the sequence of events.

First, according to Skinner (even as recently as his rebuttal to this website), he was "comatose" around 10:30 when friend Howard Mitchell came to pick them up for a New Year's party. Mitchell brought Twila home from the party between 11:00 and 11:15.

At 11:59, police received a 9-1-1 call from a neighbor reporting one of the stabbed boys was dying on their front porch.

Shortly after midnight, Skinner managed to navigate the four (4) blocks from the murder scene to the home of ex-girlfriend Andrea Reed. Skinner was wearing bloody clothing and had a deep cut on his right hand that he recently told a news station (see the clip in the video section) "burned like a b****" in spite of having (as he claims) a "near lethal dose" of the powerful pain-killer codeine.

He told Reed not to call the police and then went to work trying to stitch himself up.

So he seems pretty lucid at this moment in time, eh? Interesting behavior for a supposedly "comatose" guy.

Then around 3:00AM, police found Skinner at Reed's house (they say) hiding in a closet. Skinner (again in his rebuttal) takes issue with the police account and recalls in vivid detail where he was, how and why he tripped and "fell" into the closet, even down to the position of his feet when he'd finished falling.

Again: a pretty remarkable memory for someone who claimed he was "comatose" all evening, right?

Later, however, at the police station Skinner seemed to have become "comatose" again and couldn't stand for a picture.

So do you follow all that?

  • Comatose at 10:30.

  • Lucid from midnight through 3:00AM and obviously able to recall vivid details.

  • Comatose again at the police station hours later.

Yeah even Skinner's own toxicologist, Dr. William Lowry, testified at trial that he thought this behavior was odd.

Skinner's most recent "revelation" was that he had gotten so drunk he went "colorblind" (this incredible claim is in the rebuttal) and accidentally drank from Twila's codeine-laced "fuschia pink" glass instead of his "baby medium blue" one as opposed to, maybe, popping the codeine at Reed's house trying to commit suicide when he heard the police coming.

Claim: A Key Witness Recanted Her Testimony

Andrea Reed, at whose home Skinner hid after the murders, recanted several "key" elements of her testimony.

Fact: Reed's "Recantation" Was Found Not To Be Credible

While Reed recanted a portion of her claims, she still maintained that Skinner simply instructed her not to call the police (instead of threatening her).

Reed's daughter, at the hearing, contradicted some of what her mom "recanted" and at the end of it all, the Magistrate found Andrea Reed's recantation not to be credible.

Reed's attempt at recanting her story, however, would not have changed the essential elements of her testimony: that Skinner showed up at her house, four blocks away from Twila's, wearing bloody clothes and insisted (or threatened) that she not call the police or take him to the hospital. The police found Skinner at Reed's house hiding in either a front bedroom, or a closet, depending on whether you believe Skinner or the police.

Bottom line: another Skinner "construction kit" for another series of twisty little rabbit holes to confuse you.

Claim: Twila Busby Was Raped

Skinner claims that murder victim Twila Busby was raped by her (now) dead uncle and that after Uncle Bob raped her, he dressed her back up again, buttoned her pants and then bludgeoned her to death (oops, Skinner didn't say all that, but...)

Actually, the latest round of DNA testing proved this was hogwash and it's since been removed from Skinner's account of events, but let's look at what Skinner used to say.

Fact: There Were No Signs Of Sexual Assault

Twila Busby's body was found completely clothed with her top pulled up exposing her midriff and her pants buttoned with only the zipper down. Though Skinner frequently twists and mischaracterizes her testimony, Dr. Elizabeth Peacock, the medical examiner at Skinner's original trial, testified that there was no evidence that Twila was sexually assaulted.

In November, 2012, the rape kit from the crime scene was finally tested. It confirmed Twila was not raped.

But if you still believe Skinner's claim that dead Uncle Bob Donnell raped Twila, you'd also have to believe he dressed her back after he was finished with her and removed all evidence that might lead an experienced medical examiner to believe she was raped.

Claim: But Twila Busby Really, Really, Really Was Raped

"But Skinner says..." Let's just quote Skinner's website, directly, in his own words:

  • Next, the rape kit: When Twila was found, her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, pulled down; her blouse was pushed up over her breasts. At the autopsy, the Medical Examiner reported that the rim of her private parts were chaffed and reddened - an indicator of rough, forced sex. Can anyone say "rape" or "attempted rape?"

Got that? Pants "pulled down."

Fact: OK, Here's A Picture

Skinner and crew have been nice enough to furnish news agencies around the world with pictures of the crime scene in their quest to rally the public to Skinner's cause over post-conviction DNA testing.

Here is a picture of Twila Busby's lower body, at the crime scene, the night she was murdered. We can make out that her zipper is down. But if we look carefully at the upper right of the picture, we can clearly see that her pants are snug around her waist; buttoned just as the medical examiner said they were.

So it's pretty obvious that they weren't "pulled down," as Skinner says, when she was killed (or at least they weren't when the police found the body).

Again: if Uncle Bob raped Twila, he dressed her back up again before he beat her to death with an axe handle.

So there you have it: a picture furnished by Skinner which directly contradicts one of the many outlandish claims he has made in his quest for the perfect twisty little rabbit hole.

So maybe a good question to ask is: why would Skinner lie so blatantly?

Simple. Skinner has no motivation to tell the truth. The truth would get him executed.

Claim: Robert Donnell Was A Knife-Crazed Psychopath

Robert Donnell had a long history of violence and carrying weapons and rape and attempted murder and ... and ... and ...

Fact: Are We Talking About The Same 'Uncle Bob'?

Oklahoma Department of Corrections documents on November 29, 1988, described the late Uncle Bob as white, male, born May 5, 1930, brown eyes, 5-foot zero-inches, 185 lbs. Uncle Bob had been convicted in the 1950's on car theft, embezzlement and burglary. In 1988 he went to prison for 3 years for auto theft. Uncle Bob never had an arrest, much less a conviction, for any kind of crime of violence or weapons crime. Skinner, on the other hand, did have a history of violence and was convicted of aggravated assault on a police officer.

So we're talking about short, squatty, 63-year old (at the time) middle-aged 5'0" car thief Uncle Bob?

Here again is it really likely a short dumpy little middle-aged car thief with no history of violence in the criminal justice system broke in raped (then dressed her back up again) and bludgeoned Twila Busby to death while contending with (and I quote Skinner) "Scooter [who] was 6’6”, 245 lbs. [and] Randy [who] was 6’1”, 180 lbs." who he ultimately stabbed, while leaving a 31-year old man inches away from him completely untouched?

Claim: Skinner Was a Loving, Inseparable, Blah Blah...

According to Skinner, Twila's mother said he was "very good to Twila, Scooter, Randy and Lisa."

Fact: Uh, Well, Maybe Not Really...

Funny Skinner should mention Lisa Busby--the only member of the Busby family to survive the murders. She knew Skinner well.

She wants Skinner dead.

Lisa, according to a news interview, avoided death by staying at her aunt and uncle's house because she was worried that Skinner might turn violent after drinking that night.

Here's Lisa Busby's quote: "We're suffering. We have no closure. We have no peace because he's still alive."

Claim: Skinner Was a Loving, Inseparable, Blah Blah BLAH...

After being roused and finding his girlfriend murdered, Skinner tried to call the police but the phone cord had been yanked from the wall.

Fact: Busby House Had The Only Working Phone in Pampa!

We have confirmed with AT&T that, on the night of December 31, the only phone working in the entire city of Pampa was the one in Twila Busby's house and evil Uncle Bob had yanked it out of its wall socket!

Just kidding!

We just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

Being the inseparable boyfriend he was, the only thing Skinner could think to do was to run 4 blocks away, hide out at his ex-girlfriends, and instruct her (or threaten her) not to call anybody.

When we raised the "if you loved her so much, why didn't you call 911" question on the original version of this website, the only thing Skinner said in response was: "The phone cord was jerked out of the wall. Nobody could call from our house. Scooter tried."


Fact: There Are NO Facts Which Exonerate Skinner

In order to believe Skinner is innocent of the ghastly murders of the Busby family, you have to ignore virtually all the major, glaring, facts of the case and just take Skinner at his word. Make no mistake, Skinner and Ageorges are masters of the rabbit hole. When you guide yourself down one twisty little passage after another, you too will be convinced that the State of Texas got the wrong guy.

So don't be misled about the "untested DNA" hype. Skinner is simply the most convenient current poster boy for death penalty abolitionists. After he's gone, there will be others.