Hank Skinner
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Still need to be convinced? What better way than to listen to (and watch) Skinner in his own words.

Listen to inmate Skinner in his own words talk about how he "would 'uv done em" (killed Twila Busby and her family) "if it had tuh happen." Skinner says he would have been a much more merciful murderer (since he, of course, had nothing to do with it).

Inmate Skinner was "suffering this codeine reaction" but can still remember (while O/D'd on this powerful painkiller to which he's deathly allergic) his hand hurting "like a b****" after he cut it deeply on the knife he used to stab ... uh "shards of glass" from the ceiling fan. Watch his beady eyes dart around instead of looking at the reporter while he tells his tale.

After "waking up" from his comatose condition and discovering his bludgeoned girlfriend, what were the convicted murderer's thoughts? Well, it was kinda funny to him, d00dz!

Inmate Skinner's theory about dead Uncle Bob raping (then re-clothing) and murdering Twila Busby seems not to be gaining much traction. So who else can he accuse? Why, his ex-wife of course!